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2020 Fenway Foundation Charitable Award Recipients

The Fenway Foundation would like to congratulate Eliese and Scott Tilmann as recipients of the 2020 Fenway Foundation for Friesian Horses Charitable Award. In creating this award, Fenway hopes to find those who are making a life by giving back to this magnificent breed. Recipients of this award are making a life by sacrificing to make a better life for a Friesian horse or in this case two Friesian horses. Scott and Eliese Tilmann took in two very special Friesian horses. These horses endured abuse, abuse that was so vile at the hands of their owner that they were eventually confiscated by county authorities. Fortunately, the Friesian community came together and saved these horses. Scott and Eliese Tilmann were among those who stepped up to assist in the saving of Xander and Frytsen. With their care and attention, Xander and Frytsen became the horses they were meant to be, magnificent, charismatic and affectionate Friesians.

Their story is a tribute to the resilience of this breed, a breed that will not be erased from this earth.

And while we all wish this story had a happy ending, there is sadness that we can’t escape. After enduring years of abuse, being rehabbed and finally finding a forever loving home Xander suffered a gastric rupture after only one week and left the bonds of earth to a place where the grass is always green, water is fresh and clear and the affections endless.

His stablemate Frytsen continues to thrive and is a tribute to an indomitable spirit. We wish to thank Scott and Eliese for their sacrificing to make a life for Frytsen and Xander. They join previous recipients of Fenway Foundation for Friesian Horses Annual Charitable award as individuals of merit who are giving back to a magnificent breed that gives so much and asks so little! Congratulations, Scott and Eliese Tilmann!

“If you have a purebred Friesian horse (living or deceased) affected by Megaesophagus please help our research efforts by completing this short survey. Data from this survey is confidential and will help direct our pedigree analysis and identify potential candidate horses for the Megaesophagus Genetic Research Project. “



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