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Foaling Information

Dr. Kathy Fox of the Fenway Foundation has written an excellent article to help you thru the foaling process. The goal with this article is not to cover every aspect of the normal foaling process, but to provide easy sources of information to help familiarize you with what is considered to be normal. What she hopes to accomplish is to provide some insight into some of the more common abnormal scenarios that can develop in the weeks before and the days surrounding the birth of the foal and what you can do to help your mare and your foal to insure the best possible outcome. Included with the article is a foaling flow chart and foaling sheet, both excellent additions to be printed and included in your foaling kit while you await the arrival of your little black pearl.

The article with attachments can be found at the following links –

Download PDF • 89KB
Download PDF • 4.80MB
Download PDF • 47KB

or on the Foundation’s website under the “Education/Links” link.

Best wishes from the Fenway Foundation for a successful foaling season!

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