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Fritz's Story

Updated: Jan 3

Fritz and his pasture mate, Zander, were part of a herd of horses seized by animal control in 2018. Watch his story of neglect, heartbreak and loss to see how he has worked to overcome it all with the help of a special connection with a human. Fenway currently has 7 resident Friesians in permanent, life-long care at the Foundation. While most horses we receive can be adopted out, some (like Fritz) are not adoptable due to health or behavioral issues. Resident horses stay here at the Foundation for the remainder of their lives and some of them require extensive management or medical care. You can support our mission to provide these horses the quality of life they deserve with a one time or monthly donation by clicking on the blue “SUPPORT” button in the bottom right hand corner of this website. We are incredibly grateful for all the support the Friesian community shows us!!

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