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Recognizing Subtle Lameness

I recently came across a set of videos on YouTube that really caught my attention; mostly due to the respect I have for the lead veterinarian featured in them. It’s a very well done series focusing on subtle lameness and pain in the horse. The videos were produced by the folks at Equitopia and feature world-renowned equine veterinarian, Dr. Sue Dyson, as well as several other experts in the fields of lameness, behavior, pain management and rehabilitation. Each video is reasonable in length (10-25 minutes) and absolutely filled with important information and insight. No matter your knowledge level, everyone will learn something from these videos. Part 1 – Recognizing Subtle Lameness Part 2 – Diagnosing Subtle Lameness Part 3 – Recognizing Facial Expressions of a Horse in Pain Part 4 – Rehabilitating the Lame Horse: Mind, Body and Spirit

To easily find these videos, go to the Equitopia website at: You can also go directly to and search each video by their titles as listed above.

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