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Preserving and Enhancing the Longevity and Quality of Life of Friesian Horses

Rescue, Research, and Education

We rescue and rehabilitate Friesian horses in need of assistance to prepare them for adoption. We coordinate and fund research for Friesian horses, and we educate the public about Friesian health.

Our Story
Fresian horse gazing upon mountains

Our Story

In 2008 the chairman of the Royal Friesian Horse Studbook, Cees Rozemond, opened his presentation at the Friesian Horse Association of North America’s Annual General Meeting with a question- “If the Friesian horse could talk, what would he say about the way he is being treated?”. That question had a profound impact on Scott Kelnhofer.


Just two years later, he and his wife Shelley lost their beloved approved stallion, Nanning 374. After the loss of Nanning, Scott and Shelley decided to give something back to the breed that had brought them so much joy. And so, that is how it came to be that the Fenway Foundation for Friesian Horses Inc. was founded in 2010 to preserve and enhance the quality of life of Friesian horses.  


Our Promise 

The Foundation's goal preserve and enhance the longevity and quality of life of Friesian horses by accruing pertinent Friesian information to educate the public and offering assistance to Friesian horses and their owners throughout North America.

The Fenway Foundation for Friesian Horses Inc., founded in 2010, was developed to improve the experience of both Friesian horses and their stewards. The foundation is divided into three areas of focus:

  • Rescue

  • Research

  • Education

Each of these areas of endeavor will offer educational opportunities to those needing assistance, depending on the intended goal.

JJ Sillman

 Our Services
Fresian horses galloping outside on a snowy day
  • More than $100,000 in funding to Friesian research studies

  • 2015 Friesian Blood Study, In cooperation w/ the University of Wisconsin Madison

  • Genetic Inheritance of Megaesophagus in Friesians Study, University of Kentucky (Ongoing)

  • Genetic Inheritance of Aortic Rupture in Friesians Study, University of Kentucky (Ongoing)

  • Genetic Inheritance of Gastric Rupture in Friesians Study, University of Kentucky (Ongoing)

  • Assisted numerous Friesian research studies with pedigree analysis and sample collection

  • More than 60 Friesian horses rescued, rehabilitated, and placed in loving forever homes

  • More than 40 presentations in support of local, national, and international Friesian educational programs and children’s educational programs

  • Sponsor more than 20 of Friesian Horse Association of North America’s Educational Webinars

  • Published more than 120 health-related educational articles for Friesian owners

  • Respond annually to well over 150 health-related inquiries from Friesian owners seeking health advice or assistance

Portraits by Tiffany

What Our Supporters Are Saying

“They are extremely knowledgeable and always willing to help. Great organization led by wonderful people.” Melissa

“They are 100% dedicated to the advancement of the Friesian horse. But more than that, they love them with their whole hearts. Each horse matters.” Rachel

“Incredible organization!  The Fenway Foundation is critical for the future of our Friesians and their health.” Robbie

“Every Friesian owner around the world should be aware of the work carried out by the Fenway Foundation.  The information they provide and the ongoing work to help improve the health and the future of the Friesian horse is vital.” Tracey

“They are the most giving people when it comes to Friesians. God Bless them” Alvena

Gallery of Beauty

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