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Mission and Vision

Preserving and enhancing the longevity and quality of life of Friesian horses

Mission Statement

The Fenway Foundation for Friesian Horses is a not-for-profit corporation created to preserve and enhance the longevity and quality of life of Friesian horses by accruing pertinent equine, more specifically Friesian, information to educate the public and offering assistance regarding Friesian horses and their owners throughout North America.

Man riding of friesian horse
Friesian Horse Galloping

Vision Statement

The Fenway Foundation will:

  • Develop rescue facilities across North America to save, adopt, and rehabilitate Friesian horses in need of assistance

  • Accrue health and longevity information pertinent to the Friesian Horses

  • Create alliances with equine experts in both North America and Europe to proactively work towards a common goal, the preservation, and protection of Friesian Horses

  • Develop a comprehensive education program for Friesian enthusiasts

  • Establish a network of reliable, authoritative Board of Advisors to assist in Friesian Health, Genetic, and Rescue issues

  • Assist Friesian Horses and their stewards in whatever area possible to enhance the horse's quality of life and the stewards' Friesian experiences

Our Team
Team Fenway metallic gold.jpg
Scott & Shelley Kelnhofer_edited.jpg

Scott & Shelley Kelnhofer

The Kelnhofer’s passion for Friesians and the health issues they experienced with their own Friesians prompted them to found the Fenway Foundation for Friesian Horses.

Scott Kelnhofer
Phone: (920) 585-3244 

Shelley Kelnhofer
Phone: (920) 810-0096 

Angie DePuydt

Angie DePuydt
Education & Research Liaison

Angie's focus is on Friesian health, education, and genetic research. Angie coordinates our genetic research projects and interacts with Friesian owners around the world to provide health assistance and education.

Phone: (920) 944-2073


Becca McCartney

Becca McCartney
Equine Manager & Rescue/Surrender Liaison

Becca oversees all aspects of the day-to-day management of the horses at the Fenway Foundation. She has professional experience in natural horsemanship, riding, and driving. Becca also manages the Foundation’s Rescue/Surrender program.

Phone: (603) 380-1077

Ids Hellinga
International Research Liaison

Ids possesses an unrivaled level of knowledge regarding the Friesian horse through his previous tenure as the Executive Director of the KFPS. His interactions with both researchers and Friesian owners from around the world have dramatically enhanced Fenway's initiatives to improve the lives of Friesian horses through rescue, research, and education.

Phone: 011-31-650-663322


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