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Rescue and Adoption

"Saving one Friesian will not change the world, but surely for that one Friesian,

the world will forever change"

 Scott Kelnhofer

Rescue & Surrender

Whatever the reason, a Friesian Horse may need rescue. Whether the causes are economic, intervention by civil authorities, or abandonment, Friesian horses are entitled to be cared for and treated with the dignity deserving of their nobility.

To initiate the surrender process, please fill out the below application.

Beautiful Friesian Horse Looking Straight Ahead
Friesian Horse Looking at Owner

Our Adoption 

The Fenway Foundation works to save, adopt, and/or rehabilitate these wonderful horses. The long-range plan for all horses sent to the Fenway Foundation is the complete rehabilitation of rescued horses and the placement of the horse in a safe and loving environment. Any dollars acquired in the adoption of the rescued horses are entirely reinvested into the Foundation. All horses placed by the Foundation are monitored by our team on a continuing basis to ensure their continued care and well-being. Foundation horses are never permitted to be placed for sale; their placement is designed for the horse’s long-term stability.

Every surrendered horse’s needs are different. When appropriate, horses come to the Fenway Foundation for a thorough evaluation.  These actions could include but are not limited to medications, x-rays, special diet, and/or supplements.

Our Satellite Facilities

Due to the size of North America, some rescued Friesians are incapable of traveling great distances. In those situations, a “satellite rescue” facility will be used to get the horse back on its feet, both figuratively and literally. The Foundation will assist with financial and medical advisory support. When necessary, Foundation representatives will travel to the satellite operation to assist in the horse’s recovery. When appropriate, the horse will be moved to the Foundation facility for oversight of its full recovery.

If you are interested in applying to become one of our satellite facilities, please see the below application.

Friesian Horse Relaxing in Snow
Friesian Horse Looking to the side
Continuing Care Program

One of our primary functions is to publish and otherwise broadly communicate our findings so as to maximize the distribution of what we have learned.

As a responsible horse owner, you provide your horse with food, water, shelter, veterinary care, and love. To ensure that your beloved horse will continue to receive this care should something unexpected happen to you, it’s critical to plan ahead and the Foundation is here to help.


When this unfortunate event happens, advanced planning will ensure that continuing care will be in place for your Friesian horses. Below is a form that addresses these planning issues and legally enables the Fenway Foundation to assume responsibility for your beloved Friesian Horses.


If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact the Foundation to clarify any concerns you might have.

Continuing Care Form

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