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How to Build an Orphan Foal Feeder


Owners and veterinarians often have the difficult challenge of a newborn foal in their care that may require “round the clock” feedings of a supplemental milk source. Foals whose dams are deceased or have rejected them or the dam just doesn’t produce enough milk will normally require another source of nutrition, either via a nurse mare, an alternative supply of milk, or a milk replacer. A foal will require some source of milk for the first 2-5 months of life, with the foal needing a feeding every 1-2 hours for the first few days of its life.

This is an exhausting task for an owner, and the cost to pay staff to undertake this foal-feeding schedule can be quite expensive. Luckily, owners have cleverly figured out how to build a simple, inexpensive feeder. Select the link below for an article detailing the part's list and instructions for building a feeder using an Igloo drink cooler.

How to Build an Orphan Foal Feeder out of an Igloo Cooler:


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