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Equine Arteritis Virus (EVA) Information Links

EVA Research Papers:

August 2016 article that looks at host factors that can contribute to a stallion’s susceptibility to becoming a persistent carrier of EAV.

2016 article that outlines a promising unique therapeutic approach to clearing EAV in the persistently infected stallion. 0806(16)00154-4/abstract

2016 article that looks at the different variants of the EAV circulating in horse populations around the world. 0806(16)00163-5/abstract

2011 article that discussed a study that re-evaluated the safety aspects of the commercially available modified live vaccine against EAV in the stallion.

Update of Udeni Balasuriay’s EAV research at the University of KY Gluck Equine Research Center.

A comprehensive summary of Udeni Balasuriay’s EAV research. (to access this paper, type “Genetic factors responsible for EAV carrier state in stallions” in your web browser.)

Merck Veterinary Manual overview of EVA.

General information: 2010 article that reviews the 2009 discussion of EVA held at the AAEP Annual Convention.

Seach EVA and you will find many articles covering EVA (description, testing, management, risk, etc.) EVA video available to the public by USDA. **This is a 2001 article and video – some of the information may be dated, but still somewhat informational. 2014 article reviewing equine venereal disease. Cause One has to be cautious of information from sources such as this, but there are some good pictures credited to Dr. Peter Timoney. 2012 article by Paul Loomis of Select Breeders. He summarizes this paper with the following: “Breeders and professionals concerned with the responsible development of the equine AI industry should consider implementing a program of oversight to help minimize the spread of disease and provide some level of quality control for stallion semen production and distribution in the U.S.”


2014 article outlining EVA vaccination, comments from a presentation given by Dr. Peter Timoney.\

2011 article covering the vaccination of pregnant mares for EVA citing published research done in KY and OK. equine-viral-arteritis

EVA as a foreign animal disease:

2014 article that looks at the European perspective of EVA

2014 article covering foreign animal disease, of which EVA is discussed.

Articles covering ongoing research into EVA:

2014 article- the University of Kentucky Gluck Center’s genetic discoveries related to EAV infections in horses. beyond 2010 article highlighting the research on both EVA and EHV-1 at the Gluck Equine Research Center.

EVA testing (also covered in some of the other articles): Information about how to test for EAV and where to send the samples.


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