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Presenting the 2019 Fenway Foundation Charitable Awards

The Fenway Foundation for Friesian Horses was honored to present the 2019 Fenway Foundation Charitable Awards at the recent FHANA AGM in Lexington, KY. The 2019 winners were Danielle Piascik and Maddi’s Friesian Ranch. This year’s winners represented not only what we as humans can do to help the Friesian horse, but what the Friesian horse can do for us.

Danielle and Justin Piascik acquired one of four severely neglected Friesians in early 2019, providing a nurturing and loving environment to give him the strength and love that he was lacking all of his life. Presented at the keuring just nine months later, he received a third premie from the judges.

Maddi’s Friesian Farm owners Ruth Page and Greg Walsh have opened their ranch and provided their time, energy and financial support to work closely with Between Horses and Humans Organization so that children and young adults struggling with difficult life situations and emotional, social and personal issues may experience the magic and healing of being in partnership with a Friesian horse.

Congratulations once again and our hope is that you help inspire others to do the same!

Photo from left to right: Shelley Kelnhofer, Danielle Piascik, Justin Piascik, Greg Walsh, Ruth Page and Scott Kelnhofer



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