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Anton 343 Limited Edition Print

Anton 343 Limited Edition Print

The Iconic ANTON 343 Sport is captured at his last public exhibition in this limited edition print. Demonstrating the spectacular movement that is his trademark, Anton shows that even at twenty years young, he still possesses the dramatic movement that has captured the hearts of horse lovers from around the world. Captured by the talented lens of Jamie Mammano and reproduced by the artistic hand of Dianne Dakowicz, Anton shows the world he still possesses the talent to “WOW” any crowd. Jamie’s photo captures a magical moment in time when the magnificent Anton adds to his legend and, through the talented hand of Dianne Dakowicz, becomes immortal.


  • Each limited edition print is numbered and hand signed by the artist.
  • Watermarked image is for display purposes only. The Foundation logo will NOT be shown on signed and numbered prints.
  • Print size 13″ x 9″. Can be cut to fit a standard 12″ x 8″ frame.
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