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Eise 489 Limited Edition Print

Eise 489 Limited Edition Print

Eise 489 Sport Elite AAA is a Maurits 437 son out of a Star Preferent Performance mare by Olof 315 from motherline 15.  A few of his more notable feats include winner of the Silver Bowl a stunning four times, Horse of the Year in 2016, and Reserve Champion in the 2015 Pavo Fryso Cup. Eise 489 Sport Elite AAA is one of the strongest sires for the characteristic Friesian trot we have all come to know and love. His offspring also stand out with their extremely pleasant personalities. In 2023, Eise was purchased by Bonanza Ranch and imported to the USA. This limited edition print was created by the talented artist Dianne Dakowizc based on the original photography of Johanna Faber and Leanjo de Koster.


  • Each limited edition print is numbered and hand-signed by the artist.
  • The watermarked image is for display purposes only. The Foundation logo will NOT be shown on purchase prints.
  • Print size 13″ x 9″. It can be cut to fit a standard 12″ x 8″ frame.
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