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Nanning 374 Limited Edition Print

Nanning 374 Limited Edition Print

Nanning 374, the patriarch of Fenway Farms and the motivating force behind the Fenway Foundation for Friesian Horses is now presented in his iconic “War Horse” image. Historically captured for eternity through the talented eye and lens of Cally Matherly, the War Horse is the image used to create the only life-sized bronze sculpture in the world, outside of The Netherlands. Now, through the artistic hand of Dianne Dackowicz, Nanning 374, The Warhorse, is depicted in a very limited fifty print edition. Nanning 374, during his short stay in North America, was among the top five breeding stallions for five consecutive years. Lost to us in 2010, his offspring are a living remembrance of his magnificent size and conformation, incredible work ethic and wonderful temperament. Nanning exemplified the massive bone, size and muscle that the breed has now left behind. He was the style of Friesian that many of us fell in love with; acquire this print and remind yourself of how this magnificent breed has evolved.


  • Each limited edition print is numbered and hand signed by the artist.
  • Watermarked image is for display purposes only. The Foundation logo will NOT be shown.
  • Print size 13″ x 9″. Can be cut to fit a standard 12″ x 8″ frame.
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