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Verjaardagkalendar / Dutch Birthday Calendar

Verjaardagkalendar / Dutch Birthday Calendar

The Fenway Foundation for Friesian Horses is proud to present the sale of our Verjaardagkalendar or Dutch Birthday Calendar. In an effort to blend a wonderful element of Dutch culture with the art of some of the finest Friesian horse photographers in the world, the Fenway Foundation produced this beautiful Verjaardagkalendar. The image shown above shows all of the individual pages. The Verjaardagkalendar is a 11” x 17” perpetual, flip calendar, spiral bound at the top and used for the recording of birthdays and typically found hanging in the bathroom. After December, you just flip back to January so it is used year after year.


The Fenway Foundation would like to thank and acknowledge our graphic designer extraordinaire, Laura Zugzda and contributing photographers Cally Matherly, Robert Bruss, Michelle Franke- Everette, Jamie Mammano, JJ Sillman, Gabriele Boiselle and Laura Zugzda. Proceeds from the sale will go towards funding continuing research done by the Fenway Foundation and research groups that will benefit Friesian horses around the world. These beautiful Birthday Calendars will sell for $27.25. Shipping is included within the U.S. Additional postage required for all sales outside of the U.S

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