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Wander 352 Limited Edition Print

Wander 352 Limited Edition Print

No tribute to the Stallions of North America would be complete without paying our respect to the magnificent Wander 352. As one of North America’s original KFPS Approved Stallions, Wander’s impact on the Friesian Breed will forever be felt in our Friesian breeding. Sire to Doaitsen 420 Sport, Grandsire to Sake 449 Sport, Sjouke 453, Bene 476, and Gerben 479, Wander’s unique qualities will be carried forward by multiple KFPS Approved Stallions. His unique bloodlines sired offspring with height, hair, talent, and temperament. Painfully, Wander left us in May of 2014, but long before, internationally renowned equine photographer, Gabriele Boiselle, captured the spirit of this incredible horse. And through the talented hand of Dianne Dackowicz, Wander again reminds us of how magnificent he truly was.


  • Each limited edition print is numbered and hand signed by the artist.
  • Watermarked image is for display purposes only. The Foundation logo will NOT be shown.
  • Print size 13″ x 9″. Can be cut to fit a standard 12″ x 8″ frame.
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